Data Science - A first introduction

This is the website for the book *"Data Science - A First Introduction"*. You can read the web version of the book on this site

Supervised Machine Learning for Text Analysis in R

This book focuses on supervised or predictive modeling for text, using text data to make predictions about the world around us

Introduction to Data Science

Data Analysis and Prediction Algorithms with R

SQL in rmarkdown

Mix SQL and R code chunks in a .Rmd file to leverage our knowledge in both languages

Reproducible science workshop

One-day workshop with R and RStudio

A quick flight to the edge of the tidyverse

Tutorial created for the February 2021 joint [R-Ladies Tunis](https://twitter.com/RLadiesTunis) and [R-Ladies Saudi Arabia (Dammam)](https://twitter.com/RLadiesDammam) workshop

Getting the most out of text

Using supervised and unsupervised approaches in NLP (R-Ladies Tunis)


Wébinaire hebdomadaire sur l’analyse d’enquêtes avec R et RStudio, qui s'appuie sur le projet [analyse-R](https://larmarange.github.io/analyse-R/)

Introduction to the Tidyverse

How to be a tidy data scientist

De long en large ou de large en long ? Transposons facile avec R et le pivot

Présentation détaillée de pivot_longer/pivot_wider à partir de jeux de données Insee. L'intérêt de passer d'une structure large à une structure longue pour l'analyse